What I Learnt From Watching Mr. Bean

As a child, I remember watching several tv shows such as Mr. Bean (the cartoon version). Back then, I found it to be just a way to pass time. And to be honest, much of the show didn’t make sense to me. I mean I was watching a grown-man with a teddy paying rent for an apartment without a job. I think it’s fair to say that any child would question the practicality of the show. Then again, I didn’t care to analyze the show too much at that age.

However, when I was watching it again yesterday (it’s not what it sounds like), I realized that there is more to the show than just “a grown-man with a teddy paying rent for an apartment without a job”. There is meaning, and a bigger lesson to be learned.

This lesson is about being resilient and cool-minded, when trying to tackle difficulties. Now I know at the outset, our beloved animated character is childish. But he is never the one to ‘give-in’ or to turn weak upon facing a problem or delay. Let me give you a few examples:

  • When Mr. Bean’s trolley is giving him a hard time at the supermarket, he decides to innovate a super-trolley.


  • When Mr. Bean realizes his local pizzeria is demanding unfair prices for small pizzas, he decides to start his own pizza selling business.


  • Due to an unexpected visit from a ‘friend’, Bean is required to serve a homemade meal. Is he prepared? Nope! But he is determined to speedily cook spaghetti (even if it means using the bathtub as a replacement for his ultra- small cooking pot).


All of these examples illustrate that no matter the problem, being cool-headed and innovative will always work. It’s motivating in a sense… I mean, if “a grown-man with a teddy paying rent for an apartment without a job” can do it, so can me and you. :)

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Just a sleep-deprived dreamer :)

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Shreya Sangani

Shreya Sangani

Just a sleep-deprived dreamer :)

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